Lakeside Prairie Farm is a sustainable family farm located on the edge of Cormorant and Swan Lakes in Grant County, two miles west of Barrett, MN. We specialize in grass-fed beef and pastured pork.  We focus on the health of land and people as our primary goals. We use no chemical pesticides or fertilizers. We are pleased to provide quality, healthy food for the people in our local communities through farmers markets and direct marketing.  We look forward to sharing the bounty of the prairie with you!

Mission Statement

Our farm will produce local, quality, healthy, and sustainable food. We will enhance the biological diversity and ecological integrity of the agricultural landscape through diverse farming practices and promotion of native species and systems. Our farm will support the surrounding community and seek to educate and connect people with their food and the land.


* We strive to model our farm after a functioning prairie ecosystem. The majority of our farm’s tillable acres will be planted with native plant species, providing the grass-powered engine that will drive our food production.

* We work to provide the healthiest possible food for our customers.  The health of our food reflects the health of the land where our animals are raised.

* Maintenance of soil fertility and water quality are vital to the long term productivity of our farm. Through the use of perennial cropping systems, cover crops, crop rotation, on farm nutrient cycling, and absent the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, we aim to leave our farm more productive, more resilient, and a healthier place to live for the next generation.

* We seek to both mitigate and be adapted to a changing climate. Our fossil fuel and energy consumption will be minimal and we will strive for a negative carbon footprint. Our ecosystem based farming and soil building practices will help us to weather drought and deluge better than conventional row crop agriculture.

* Our farm will be community-centered. We plan to utilize local goods and services whenever possible to help drive our local economy.

* The future of farming is dependent upon the successful establishment of the next generation of farmers. We want to help groom the next generation of farmers through mentoring and farm apprenticeships.