Pastured Pigs

We have the individual cuts listed below available to purchase here at the farm.  We are currently sold out of pork halves and wholes.  Click here to place an order.  Thank you!

Individual Cuts

We have the individual cuts listed below available for purchase here at the farm.  We do our best to keep these on hand for your eating pleasure.  Prices listed are per pound. Click the link above to place your order, or stop out at the farm.  We’d love to see you!

  • Pork Hock $3.00
  • Spare Ribs $4.50
  • Roasts $5.00
  • Chops $5.00
  • Ham $5.00
  • Ground Pork $5.00
  • Seasoned Ground Pork Sausage $6.00
  • Smoked Rope Sausage $7.00
  • Brats $7.00
  • Bacon $8.00

When you purchase our pork, here is what you get:

Pastured Pork:  Our pigs spend their days outside on pasture where they have access to acorns, roots and other wild forage.  Our pigs are born on the pasture and raised their for their entire lives.

Pork that is healthy: In addition to foraging, our pigs are fed only transitional organic feed.  They are not fed animal waste products, GMOs, growth hormones, or feed raised with pesticides.

Pork that is free from antibiotics: Our animals are not contributing to antibiotic bacterial resistance.  They don’t need the antibiotics because they have the space and resources to be healthy.

Pork that is ethically raised:  We take pride in the health and welfare of our animals.  Being on pasture means they are free to grow and behave as nature intended.  Our pigs are not raised nose-to-tail, without adequate space.  This means that they still have their tails.  (The tails of pigs are often removed.  When confined, pigs will chew on each other’s tails.)

Pork that is pastured from birth to butcher:  Our pigs are born on pasture.  The mothers are free to move around with their piglets as they please.

A clean smell:  When visiting our pasture, you’ll smell plants, not manure.  Our pigs don’t stink because they have adequate space to move around and be a balanced part of their ecosystem.

To place your order:

Orders can be placed for individual cuts of meat.  We hope you enjoy your pastured pork.  To see a list of cuts available and to place an order, click here.  Please contact us with any questions.  Thank you!